Family-Owned Business

Ace Husky Breeding was founded in 2019 after our founder adopted "Drako" a loving, playful husky. Drako came home and fit right in with the family. As Drako got older he needed a companion, and it led to getting others. 

We fell in love with the breed and decided that we wanted to complete families the way Drako completed ours. 

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Ace Husky Breeding is NOT a puppy mill, Drako and Maya were adopted as emotional support animals. The health and safety of our animals is our first priority. Thus, we ensure every puppy is adopted into a healthy environment. 



Huskies are sociable animals. They are pack animals by nature and like to be with other animals. Being social means they should not be used as guard animals, because their gentle and friendly nature will welcome any intruder with open arms. Huskies also give a lot of love and affection to their owners, thus appreciate the reciprocity of love and affection. 

Huskies are high-energy dogs. They need a lot of exercise, at least one hour of strenuous exercise a day.

Huskies are working animals. They like having a job to do. Which means when going on a run or hike, they enjoy carrying water, snacks, etc. in a doggy backpack. This can also help release more energy they have.

Huskies need maintainence. These dogs blow their beautiful coats twice a year (spring and fall), in addition to the large amount of fur they shed everyday. To combat this grooming them regularly professionally or brushing their fur for at least 30 mins a day.

Huskies do NOT do well in the heat. Huskies should never be kept in hot climates or exercised in temperatures above 68 degrees.

Huskies are notorious escape artists. They can run fast and jump up to 5 ft. However, this is only an issue with huskies that are not trained or who have a lot of energy built up.

Huskies are pack dogs by nature. These animals require a strong pack leader. If you do not establish yourself as the pack leader from the beginning, they will step into the role and run your house.