Frequently asked questions

I have small kids, are huskies family friendly?

Huskies are very friendly dogs. They are not aggressive by nature and do well with kids of all ages. Visit the "ABOUT US" page to find more information about huskies.

How do we adopt a puppy from Ace Husky Breeding?

Go to the "meet our puppies" tab, look at the full list of our available animals, once you've found one you like, click on the "make a deposit" button. Deposits are required to hold all of our animals from being adopted. Once the adoption fee deposit is made, a member of our team will contact you to set up a time for you to come pick up your new fur baby. At the time of pick up the remaining adoption fee is due.

Is there a way for our family to come visit the available animals before we make a deposit?

Yes! Contact our team, to set up a time for you to come visit our available animals.

Does Ace Husky Breeding have a stud fee for Drako?

Yes, the fee starts at $1500.

How do I know if a husky is the right dog for me?

Please visit the "ABOUT US" page to see all the facts about huskies.

Why are the puppies so expensive?

The following services are included in the price of your puppy: 1. Daily Training 2. Socialization 3. On call vet with weekly check ups 4. First set of shots 5. FaceTime calls/visits prior to pick up 6. Weekly pics/video

How much are the puppies?

Each puppy is $1,200. However, prices are subject to go up based on demand and/ or the presence of unique characteristics (two different eye colors, all white fur, etc.) in any of our puppies.